About us.

Creating global perspectives.

Plannet studio is a team of Italian professionals who works across multiple disciplines. The goal is to give life to integrated international projects, from concept to realization, both in the fields of architecture and engineering.

The group’s mission is to offer turnkey projects, complete in every aspect. Plannet Studio’s uniqueness lies in the capacity of answering to different needs. Its multidisciplinary approach creates a lean and adaptable process both for partial and complete commissions.

Shaping our vision.

Cross-industry expertise allows Plannet Studio to guide its customers during the whole project through consulting, direction and coordination activities with the security and peace of mind of a reliable and innovative partner.

Development of architectural, structural and MEP works, site management, choice of finishings, interior and exterior design, technical consulting: every single phase requires the contribution of professionals in that particular sector to guarantee the quality and expertise typical of “made in Italy” creations.


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Company Profile.

Plannet Studio is born as a unique mix of professional paths, combining the best technical, creative and commercial expertise in one group.
in-house engineers and professionals
2300 sq.m
two headquarters
delivered in the last three years
350 mln
Average budget
manageable per project
Partner companies
turnkey solutions in every sector
experienced in project management activity in foreign countries
Legal experts
on foreign contracts and internationalization

About us.

Board of directors.

Progetto aperto
A group of experienced professionals coordinating a broad network of companies: Progetto Aperto offers commercial and technical supervision for the delivery and correct execution of turnkey projects and supports the introduction of companies in foreign markets.
Moreno Gallarini
Board - Development & Contract Manager
Coordinator of
AI Progetti
Architecture and engineering studio founded in 2003, AI Progetti believes in a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach between different specialists, in order to propose innovative and sustainable works.
Via Peppino Impastato, 14 - 30174 Mestre (Venice), Italy
Andrea Borin
Board - Architect
Massimo Furlan
Board - Architect
Antonio Alessandri
Board - Structural Engineer
Valentina Corras
Board - Structural Engineer
TFE Ingegneria
From the union of professional experiences and skills in the sector of MEP, TFE Ingegneria was founded in 2009 to provide full mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering and consulting services.
Via Friuli Venezia Giulia, 8 30030 - Pianiga (Venice), Italy
Zefferino Tommasin
Board - Electrical Engineer
Giovanni Curculacos
Board - Energy & Acoustic Engineer
Antonio Bisaglia
Board - FLS Engineer
Pierluigi Fasan
Board - Industrial Engineer
Calogero Collerone
Board - PM and Energy Engineer
Antonia Zappaterra
Board - Quality Manager
Oriano Sturaro
Board - Hydraulic Engineer